General Information Resources

Diet Information Resources

Specialty Food Resources

Nutritional Supplement Resources

Physician Resources*

*Research providers before making an appointment, including their expertise, years of working with children with autism and whether or not they take insurance since many do not.

Lab Resources*

*Most labs are ordered by the physician who uses a variety of different laboratories. The ones listed here (other than 23 and Me) are those most often used in the autism biomedical community.

IEP Resources

Behavior Therapies

General Information for Biomedical Treatments and Therapies

Specific Treatments and Therapies*

*Apps for autism therapy – There are so many apps now for autism therapy and augmentative communication that it is difficult to single out any specific app other than to work with your child’s therapists on apps they recommend to compliment activities they are doing in session. Therapy models have changed dramatically thanks to these new technologies. Of value to research are any that are free and pertain to autism, speech models, education, social skills and social stories.

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