Victory Over Autism

mary2 Children are recovering from autism and yet the general public is largely unaware that this is even possible let alone happening at astounding rates. While traditional medicine continues to be stymied on causes and remedies to support autism symptoms, other physicians and proactive parents have partnered to become a progressive force of change in the understanding of this disorder. . .in a quest to find the answers for the children in front of them, and those to come.

In Victory Over Autism, Mary Romaniec takes the reader through the personal stages parents will experience when their child is first diagnosed with autism; and how to use these stages to catapult to becoming part of the next generation of proactive parents who are making a difference in the well-being of their child and family.

Victory Over Autism will explore the stages of grief associated with the diagnosis, followed by the winning attributes parents will either possess or adopt as they strive to the goal of better health or full recovery for their child. And a better future.

Victory Over Autism includes personal accounts of overcoming the autism odds, looking out for all family members, addressing marriage issues and in all other ways getting the parent into the mindset that a Victory Over Autism is doable for their child too.

Mary Romaniec is the mother of a child who recovered from autism by the age of four. In addition to mentoring hundreds of families around the U.S. and the world, her articles about autism have appeared in Mothering Magazine, Autism/Asperger Digest, Autism Today and Journeys Magazine. The articles are also listed on autism related websites. She has appeared on radio and TV programs to discuss the idea of recovery in autism and special needs issues in general.

Mary works as a reporter and lives in Grafton, Massachusetts with her husband, Richard and three children, Theresa, Daniel and David. She continues to be an advocate, writer and speaker in the autism community on a variety of topics.